4th ICC Latin American Cereals Conference

4th ICC Latin American Cereals Conference

11-14 March 2018

The 4th  ICC Latin American Cereals Conference is an international conference that promotes scientific and technological knowledge related to the production of grains, cereals and food and is aimed at professionals connected to the value chains of grains and cereals, from agricultural production to the food industry and consumers:

  • Cereal scientists and researchers from agriculture and food research centers
  • Universities and academia
  • Food industry professionals in research and development, production and quality areas
  • Policy makers from government institutions
  • Trade associations connected to the food industry

At LACC4 researchers from around the world will present on themes related to the productive chain of grain:

  • Quality and quality assessment
  • Cereal processing technologies
  • Cereal foods
  • Nutrition and health
  • Food safety and food security
  • Recent developments in breeding and agronomy
  • Food legumes
  • Feeds and animal feeding