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4th ICC Latin American Cereals Conference

4th ICC Latin American Cereals Conference

11-14 March 2018

The 4th  ICC Latin American Cereals Conference is an international conference that promotes scientific and technological knowledge related to the production of grains, cereals and food and is aimed at professionals connected to the value chains of grains and cereals, from agricultural production to the food industry and consumers:

  • Cereal scientists and researchers from agriculture and food research centers
  • Universities and academia
  • Food industry professionals in research and development, production and quality areas
  • Policy makers from government institutions
  • Trade associations connected to the food industry

At LACC4 researchers from around the world will present on themes related to the productive chain of grain:

  • Quality and quality assessment
  • Cereal processing technologies
  • Cereal foods
  • Nutrition and health
  • Food safety and food security
  • Recent developments in breeding and agronomy
  • Food legumes
  • Feeds and animal feeding



LACC/IGW looks forward to partnering with key sponsors and exhibitors in the lead up to and during the conference. Companies, sponsors and supporters of LACC and IGW that provide products and services related to the productive chain of grain and cereals, will present stands in the exhibition area of the conference venue. A range of packages have been developed to ensure maximum exposure to conference delegates and benefit to our sponsors. The exhibition is a great showcase for sponsors and supporters who will have directly contact with a targeted public.

Why sponsor LACC and/or IGW conferences?
  • About 450 national and international visitors from all relevant disciplines as well as renowned exhibitors will join the conferences. You will have many options to present your company as sponsor to representatives of industry, science and research, decision makers and interested parties.
  • Sponsoring and exhibiting provides an excellent opportunity to promote your company, to support your brands and to maintain a high profile among delegates before, during and after the conferences.
  • 7-day conferences with a wide range of networking opportunities and possibilities for active involvement.
  • Numerous top speakers from science and industry. Aligning your company with this powerful educational experience demonstrates your commitment to assisting attendee development at a very personal level.
  • Your representatives will network informally with delegates from Mexico, Latino America and overseas.

A variety of prepared packages is offered:

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LACC Platinum sponsors

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LACC & IGW SILVER sponsors

Brabender Web

LACC & IGW SILVER sponsors

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LACC & IGW SILVER sponsors

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LACC & IGW SILVER sponsors

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Special sponsor for LACC & IGW

Hotel accommodation

The Hilton Reforma is the official hotel of the LACC4/IGW events and has offered special discounted room rates for the conference period. In order for us to ‘earmark’ enough of these discounted rooms for LACC/IGW participants, we had to sign a contract guaranteeing that a certain number of our participants will stay in the set of rooms we blocked at the Hilton (called the “block”). Your choice of hotel affects the CIMMYT’s and ICC’s ability to fulfil our contractual agreement with the Hilton. Thus, we kindly ask that if you can, please choose to stay within the LACC/IGW block.

Hilton Reform policies:

  1. The LACC4/IWG room rates apply only for the conference period (11-18 March 2018), plus two days before and two days after. The room rate is not transferable to other dates of stay.
  2. Buffet breakfast is included in the rate, as well as Wi-Fi Internet and tips for the cleaning staff and bell boy.
  3. Check-in time is 15:00/3PM.
  4. Check-out time is 12:00PM.
  5. Cancellations will be accepted up to 7 days before the conference begins. Any cancellation after 5 March 2018 will result in the full reservation cost plus taxes to be charged to the participant’s credit card.
  6. No shows will also be charged the full room reservation cost plus taxes.
  7. Access to the gym and 10% discount at the hotel spa is offered to hotel guests.

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Hilton Reforma room rates:
Single: USD $158.00 per night (USD $188 including taxes)
Double: USD $175.00 per night (USD $208.25 including taxes)

book a room at the Hilton

* Other accommodation options will be available soon.

Travel to Mexico City

The LACC4/IGW events will be held in Mexico City and participants should fly into Mexico City airport (MEX). You may also fly into Toluca International Airport (TOL), which is about 1 hour away from Mexico City by taxi. Aeromexico is offering a 10% discount on international fares and a 15% discount on national fares for this event. To avail yourself of the discount, you must book via call center and use the conference code: IT15RGD7317N1. This discount is available on flights during the period 9-19 March 2018. These are the phone numbers of Aeromexico call centers in different countries:  
Country Phone number Country Phone number
ARGENTINA 0800 888 22 76 ESPAÑA 900 995 282
BRASIL 0800 891 7512 FRANCE 0800 916 754
CHILE Desde una red fija 188 800 581 600 ENGLAND 0 8009775533
Desde celulares 2599 43 78 IRELAND 1800855474
COLOMBIA 01-8009-520533 CANADA 18002376639
PERU 080053407 JAPON 0570-783-057
HONDURAS 80027919025 CHINA 0086 21 6089 9385
COSTA RICA 0800 052 1447 CHINA 0086 21 6089 9985
GUATEMALA 1 8008350269 EL SALVADOR 800 61 05
VENEZUELA 800 162 7351 MEXICO 555133 4000
To get to the hotels from the airport, take an official taxi from the Mexico City airport. After exiting customs, there are various taxi stands in the airport lobby where you can purchase a taxi ticket, and then you proceed outside to where the taxis are waiting. With any additional questions about travel to Mexico City, please do not hesitate to contact the conference organizers.

Satellite meetings

The Norman E. Borlaug Experiment Station, Ciudad Obregón (Sonora, northwestern Mexico) – Global Wheat Program Visitors’ Week (March 20-23)

Located in the Yaqui Valley, an irrigated desert farm setting near Ciudad Obregón, Sonora state, in northwestern Mexico, the Norman E. Borlaug Experiment Station (CENEB, after its Spanish name Campo Experimental Norman E. Borlaug), is often called the Mecca of wheat scientists because of its weather and soil conditions, history, and the impact of the breeding research conducted there.

During the 1940s-50s, Dr. Borlaug and Mexican researchers, assistants, and Yaqui Valley farmers worked near this location to develop high-yielding, disease resistant wheat varieties that made Mexico self-sufficient for wheat and were soon adopted throughout South Asia, nearly tripling that region’s wheat output by the 1970s. Known as the Green Revolution, this phenomenal spread of improved varieties and farming practices---along with development model and ideals that supported it---led to the creation of international centers such as CIMMYT to eliminate food insecurity through applied science and partnerships.

In Mexico, the groundbreaking work of the Yaqui Valley team catalyzed a unique, long-standing partnership between the region’s farmers and public agricultural research institutions that continues to benefit national agriculture and CIMMYT’s globally targeted wheat research.

A direct result of that partnership was the establishment by southern Sonora farmers of CENEB, a world-class wheat research facility that also hosts offices of Mexico’s National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Research (INIFAP) and of the federation of Sonoran farmer associations known as Patronato, which owns the land on behalf of state farmers.

Weather conditions in the Yaqui Valley comprise long, extremely hot summers and short, warm winters with cool mornings. Average summer temperatures vary between 10° and 37° C, with rare cases of averages as low as 6° C or as high as 39° C. Day length varies significantly throughout the year, with 10:25 hours of daylight at winter solstice (20-21 December) and 13:53 hours of daylight at summer solstice (20 June). Average annual relative humidity is 69% and ranges between 62% and 75%. These conditions are ideal for selecting experimental wheat lines adapted to the diverse settings CIMMYT targets worldwide.

Thanks to the prevailing environmental conditions, excellent station management, well-maintained infrastructure, and the enduring support of local farmers and authorities, CENEB provides a unique, outstanding platform for research to enhance wheat yield potential, develop varieties with tolerance to drought and heat and resistance to diseases and pests, and to explore the physiological and genetic mechanisms underlying these and other traits.

In combination with CIMMYT’s experiment station near Toluca, state of Mexico, in the Mexican highlands, CENEB has contributed significantly to CIMMYT’s status as the primary public source of high-yielding, widely adapted wheat germplasm, currently used in nearly half of all wheat varieties worldwide and bringing annual economic benefits as high as $3.1 billion, while contributing to improved food security and livelihoods.

Once a year, during the CIMMYT Global Wheat Program’s Visitors Week in March, CENEB provides a vital platform for more than 100 wheat researchers, policymakers, students, journalists and others from dozens of nations to view wheat experiments in full bloom, share the latest in wheat science and development, and decide future collaborations. Held at the peak of the wheat growing season, the event provides an ideal setting for Mexican partners to feature advances and interact with peers from around the world. Participants typically include members of major international wheat research initiatives hosted at CENEB, including:

In 2018 Global Wheat Program’s Visitors Week will be celebrated between March 20 and March 23. For any further information and registration for this event please contact Maria Teresa Rodríguez (M.T.RODRIGUEZ@CGIAR.ORG)  and Carlos Guzmán (